The Banker website
The Banker website
About the Financial Times
The Financial Times (FT) is a London based global news and finance publisher. With over 1m+ subscribers to, it has the UK's largest digital news subscription base.
UX and UI Design
I began my career at the Financial Times as a UX/UI Designer. My main projects included:
Product Management Highlights
After a year at the FT, I moved into Product Management to fulfil a thirst for curiosity, professional growth and learning.
I led end to end Product Management of large scale re-designs and new product launches.
Won EZ Publish site of the year in 2011 with
Increased subscription conversion for The Banker.
Led the major re-platform of CMS to a new open source decoupled platform, designed and delivered to ensure rapid new site development and release (15+ sites on new platform with 2-4 weeks delivery for each new site).
Working closely with sales, marketing, customer services, development (both UK and remote teams) and third party suppliers to ensure that revenue and business case goals are met.

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