Product Management for the new KFC app
I worked with the digital team at KFC who embarked on an ambitious plan. The aims were to create a reusable e-commerce platform to replace it's ageing stack, with a new API driven platform. 
Product leadership
My role was acting as the Mobile App Product Lead, to define the MVP of the new native app across e-commerce and customer loyalty strands, working with all areas of the team.
User story creation
From scratch, I created an entire product backlog to break down all of the strategic goals the business had in relation to rebuilding it's UK and European based mobile app.
Backlog refinement
With the support of developers and designers, a fully articulated product backlog was ready and prioritised
Digital roadmap creation and refinement
I was also responsible for making sure a roadmap consisting of launch plans and schedules was created and communicated to the core stakeholder group
Partner management (design and dev agencies)
KFC had selected several partners to work with, including a development agency, and a separate agency working on user experience design. My role in this was to align everyone with what problems needed to solved, and what needed to be built.
Stakeholder management
Through regular emails, phone calls, slack and face to face meetings, I ensured that the release goals and roadmap progress was clearer communicated to all stakeholders.

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