About me and my work

Good products aren't built overnight. It takes a supportive, user centric culture to solve real problems and create wonderful things. Get in touch with me over on LinkedIn

Eric Reis, Marty Cagan and Teresa Torres' insights into startups and product management have had the most influence on my take on Product, and remain my main source of inspiration to this day.​​​​​​​
Product Design (UX and UI)
• User Research
• User Testing
• Customer Interviewing
• Competitor Analysis
• UX Design
• Wire-framing
• Lo and Hi-Fi Prototyping
• User Interface Design / Visual Design
Motion Design
• UI Animation
• Micro Interactions and Transitions
Product Management and Leadership
• Product Management
• Product Discovery
• AB Testing
• Backlog Creation and Refinement
• Product Roadmap Creation and Refinement