I'm Amrick, a product person inside out, who loves building apps, websites and technology products.

Welcome to my website! I've loved making things since I was young. I realised I had a passion for tech when I was a teenager, spending hours hacking around building websites just for fun. I studied Internet Information systems at University and landed a first for my dissertation, where I built a CMS HR system from scratch coding it in ASP classic.

At the age of 21, I spent two years in California working for a food ordering platform. They were a decade ahead of their time!

Now I specialise in full stack product management. I love to challenge the status quo and have an urge to build things that solve big problems for both customers and the business alike. I dabble in my spare time with designing and coding. I love learning new things, so I built my personal website using NextJS, React, TailwindCSS deployed to Vercel.

Today, I'm a Product Lead at Which?, the UKs consumer champion. I write the odd post here on my website, over on my Medium page and also on Adventures in Product.